After skipping a year because of the World Cup held in Budapest last autumn, the VI. MIGHTYFIST Eagles Cup will be held again in Hungary!

– Children, cadet, junior and senior categories;
– All official competition categories (patterns, sparring, power breaking, special techniques, respective team categories and pre-arranged free-sparring);
– Round-robin system for patterns and sparring (depending on the number of participants) – you get a chance to compete in more rounds, even if you have lost your first match;


Recommended of those:

– who are going to the World Championship in Ireland (a few weeks after our competition) – perfect for measuring your readiness,
– who are not going to the World Championship – to have a great tournament!

Location: Üllői Sportcsarnok (Sports hall of Üllő) – 2225 Üllő, Malom u. 1., Hungary
Date: 23-24 September, 2017

More details and official invitation are here:!


See you in Hungary!


The event will be organized by the same team which successfully conducted the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup and the VI. AETF European Cup in 2014 in Budapest as well as the previous editions of the Eagles Cup.

As it was in 2015, there will be children, cadet, junior and senior categories and the whole spectrum of the competition categories of Taekwon-do ITF, but this year we will introduce some changes. The most important feature of the event is as usual the round-robin system for the individual sparring and pattern categories which can ensure that the competitors have more matches in their categories. This is the perfect opportunity for practicing for the upcoming ITF World Championshipsto be held in Ireland 3 weeks afterwards!

Changes in 2017

  • A new sparring age group has been added: advanced seniors. For competitors over 36 years of age there will be separate categories in individual sparring. For other categories they are competing together with the seniors (18+). Advanced senior competitors may choose to compete in senior sparring categories or may choose to compete in both sparring categories if they wish for no additional fee.
  • From this year onwards, competitors who are born in the year between two age categories not just may choose between the two age categories but might also choose to compete in both age groups for double entry fee.
  • new special techniques system will be introduced, ensuring a lot more chance for success for the contestants, with more realistic results. For more details please see the official invitation.
  • Children categories will be held only on Sunday.

Date: 23-24th September 2017
Place: Sports Hall of Üllő, Hungary

Accommodation: the teams are responsible for their own accommodation, however feel free to contact us in case you need help or tips finding the accommodation suiting your needs.